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Growing New Opportunities

Nuseed is partnering with canola growers to meet the increasing demands of the aquaculture and nutrition markets for plant-based long-chain omega-3 sources. Learn more about the potential and demand for Nuseed omega-3 canola.

We don’t sell our Omega-3 Canola seed, we partner directly with SELECT growers to contract production.

It’s an on-farm opportunity with these benefits:

  • Increased profit potential
  • No seed cost, Nuseed retains ownership
  • Force majeure contract clause
  • Harvest straight cut or swathed
  • Harvested crop is stored on-farm with delivery prior to the following harvest
  • Independent lab grading with samples taken during harvest, and at delivery to the designated processor
  • Grower payment is within 30 days of pick up or delivery based on contract terms
  • Local Nuseed agronomic and stewardship support
  • Local support for coordinating delivery of planting seed,collecting samples and elevator delivery logistics

Farm location, business priorities, stewardship and production capabilities are all key considerations.  Email for a contract production assessment.

What do growers think of Nuseed omega-3? One of the first U.S. growers shares his experience in this video.

Nuseed Omega-3

Clint Munro

Global Lead, Beyond Yield Supply Chain
Alsip, IL

11901 S Austin Ave
Alsip, IL 60803
(708) 559-9335

Brian Morse

Production Coordinator, North America
Conrad, MT

217 S Kansas St
Conrad, MT 59425
(406) 425-2182

Michael Schaefer

Production Coordinator, North Dakota
Des Lacs, ND

110 170th St SW
Des Lacs, ND 58733
(701) 818-2375