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Tips from Growers & Experts

Many things factor into what makes a sunflower crop successful and it can differ from region to region, but there are some general practices that stay true for all successful sunflower crops in all regions.

Nuseed is dedicated to providing growers with useful and relevant information about producing sunflowers to help them achieve successful sunflower crops.

Read what growers from the Dakotas to the High Plains and Nuseed experts have to say about how to be successful with sunflowers in Nuseed’s 2019 annual issue of SUCCEED magazine.


Glenn Heuchert – G & C Heuchert Farms| Grafton, ND
Proper seeding for optimum spacing is important and he treats his sunflowers like a high-value crop and is handsomely rewarded.

Adam Bettenhausen – Bettenhausen Farms | Wishek, ND
If even half of the management effort is put into sunflowers that is put into corn or soybeans crops, you can definitely make your money back.

Colby Brink – KCM Partnership | Pierre, SD
The key to a successful sunflower crop is to ensure your fields are clean at planting and sunflowers are good for the soil and his bottom line.

Patrick Hume – Big Flat Farms | Springfield, CO
It’s crucial to ensure your fields are protected from wind erosion so he plants into corn, wheat and milo stubble and with water a large consideration, he focuses on sunflowers.



Alison Pokrzywinski | Technical Agronomist
“Start clean and stay clean with respect to your sunflower fields and weeds.”
Fred Parnow | Canada Business Manager
“The number one point of success for sunflowers is early planting.”
Trygg Olson | Field Sales Leader
“Proper combine set-up is key – have the right header, the right ground speed and the right rotor speeds.”