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Global Genetics

Locally Proven Hybrids

These are exciting times at Nuseed.

To U.S. and Canadian farmers, we are best known for our sunflower portfolio—for having the right hybrid for every field’s weed and disease management or crop maturity needs and for every sunflower market: confection, dehull, oil crush or bird food.

In 2020, after five years of local field trials, we are adding canola to our Legend Seeds distributor line-up for growers in North Dakota (visit for more information) and through select distribution in Canada (visit Plus, we’re partnering directly with select canola growers in North Dakota and Montana to grow our proprietary Omega-3 Canola under an exclusive 2020 production contract dependent on their locations and farming operations.

Video: Omega-3 R&D

Our investment to bring the best global genetics and continuous development of locally proven sunflower hybrids for every sunflower market continues to expand at our nursery near Breckenridge, Minn. We’ve used the same R&D approach for canola and Omega-3 Canola, we have accessed the best germplasm from around the world to develop top hybrids with locally-proven performance.

Video: Unlocking Plant Potential

Our team is working to deliver even more value BEYOND YIELD by taking our top hybrids and combining them with output traits for added market value and new market opportunities. Our Omega-3 Canola is a prime example — it provides a sustainable source of omega-3 for aquafeed and human nutrition uses, creating completely new value-added markets and value chains to supply them.

Growers interested in becoming part of the Nuseed Value Chain through a 2020 Omega-3 Canola Production Contract can email [email protected]