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N6LE417 Onyx®

Onyx Sunflower Hybrid

N6LE417 is an in-shell, black, confection hybrid that has the Express® trait system to help growers combat weeds. This premium hybrid is uniform with late-maturity and excellent
yield potential.

  • Late-maturity, black confection type
  • Suitable for in-shell use
  • Excellent kernel to hull ratio
  • Resistant to multiple races of downy mildew

Performance Potential

Performance Potential 7
Drought Tolerance 8
Flowering Uniformity 8

Disease Resistance

Sclerotinia 6
Phomopsis 7


Yield Potential  From 3.4 t/ha to 5.3 t/ha
Late Season Health 8
Tolerance To Lodging 9
Plant Height 145 cm – 165cm
Plants Per Hectare 40.000 – 50.000

For more information on N6LE417 please contact your local Nuseed representative.

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