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Nuseed Cracka

The sorghum hybrid that has a crack in tough conditions

Cracka shows superior standability over a range of different growing conditions and soil types, doing best in a yield environment of 3-6 t/ha. Less lodging means an easier harvest and less grain loss.

With low stay-green characteristics, Cracka dries off well before harvest, with far less chance of gumming up harvesters. A medium to high tillering variety, Cracka achieves its yield potential without the need to plant more seed, saving input costs at the front end to deliver a better yield at the back end.

Cracka has shown consistent test weights in tough conditions, consistently going above the threshold for Sorghum 1 classification.

Standability + Harvestable Yield + Excellent Grain Quality


Yield Environments 3.0-6.0 T/ha
Maturity Medium
Seedling Vigour Very Good
Tillering Habit Medium-even
Tillering Uniformity Synchronous
Head Exertion Well above Flag
Pollen Production High pollen flow
Standability *****
Threshability Excellent
Grain Size Large
Grain Colour Bright red
Midge Rating* 3

* To learn more about the Sorghum Midge Tested scheme visit the GRDC website

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