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ATR Flathead

Your easy decision for OP TT Canola

Sow with confidence, from your partner that delivered you ATR Stingray and ATR Bonito.

ATR Flathead follows a long and successful list of OP TT canola lines developed by Nuseed and is an outcome of the EPR system investing back into a breeding program to develop varieties for you. 

ATR Flathead is an early-mid maturing variety which has shown robust yield performance against current open-pollinated TT varieties in both NVT’s and internal trials. 

ATR Flathead will be commercially available for sale and planting in 2020.

  • From your OP TT specialist so you know what you can expect
  • Your EPR Investment delivering new varieties
  • Robust performance in a variety of growing conditions



Development code NT0218
Bag size 20kg
End Point Royalty $5 per tonne (ex GST)
Maturity Early-Mid (4-5)
Type Open pollinated
Blackleg rating* MR**
Resistance group TBD
Height Short-Medium
Alternative to ATR Bonito, ATR Stingray
Recommended growing areas WA, SA, VIC, NSW

*2019 Blackleg rating bare. To view the latest GRDC Blackleg management guide click here

**Anticipated based on internal and external trials

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