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Forage Sorghum

Clean and green feed for your livestock

Nuseed acknowledges that what we feed our livestock and how we nurture our land must be clean and green and for the good of all.

That’s why we thoroughly test our hybrids in both cutting and grazing trials so that they do what we say – perform!

Our varieties:

Hybrid Type Suitability Maturity Vigour Tillering Regrowth Dry Matter Prussic Acid
BMR Revolution BMR Sorghum x BMR Sudan Grazing / Hay / Silage Medium-Early Excellent Prolific Vigorous Very good Medium-Low
Boost Sorghum x Sudan Grazing / Plough Down Medium-Early Very good High Medium Very good Medium-Low
Hunnigreen Sweet Sorghum Grazing / Hay / Silage Ultra late Very good High Medium Excellent Medium-Low
Lush Sorghum x Sudan Grazing / Hay Medium-Early Very good High Vigorous Very good Medium-Low
Nudan Sudan x Sudan Grazing / Hay / Silage Medium-Late Excellent Prolific Vigorous Very good Medium-Low