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Our regional head office is based in Melbourne, Victoria.

103-105 Pipe Road
Laverton North VIC 3026
Tel: (03) 9282 1000


Our Innovation Centre, including Customer Service and R&D, is in Horsham, Victoria.

5 Ballinger Street
(PO Box 377)
Horsham VIC 3402
Free call: 1800 993 573
Free fax: 1800 302 884


Our Summer Crop Breeding and Crop Production teams are based in Toowoomba, Queensland.

7 Tait Street
Toowoomba QLD 4350
Tel: (07) 4614 3492


Eastern Australia

Eleanor Lee

Specialty Oils Operations Manager

Phone: 0439 354 440
[email protected]

“I grew up on our family farming operation near Roma, and my interest in working in ag was driven by seeing first-hand the importance of utilising technology and optimising infrastructure for greater efficiency. For the past nine years I’ve been lucky to work for both the parent company Nufarm and Nuseed in many crop types and geographies. The opportunity that Nuseed offers to be part of more than just improving yields but sharing other benefits and new technologies with growers is brilliant.”

Chris Roberts

Regional Sales Manager, East

Phone: 0437 178 296
[email protected]

“I’ve been fortunate to be part of the growth of Nuseed for 11 years, and I now enjoy managing the Eastern sales team from my base in Dubbo. Growing up on a family farm in the southern tablelands of NSW gave me a strong interest in agriculture and I worked as an agronomist before joining the seed industry. When I’m not working I like spending time with family and friends, and cheering on my kids while they participate in some of the sports that regional NSW has to offer.”

Adrian Carter

Area Sales Manager, SA & Vic

Phone: 0409 756 127
[email protected]

“I work in ag because it’s in my blood, and I’m excited about trying to get the best outcome from what Mother Nature throws up. And I get to be outside, always learning, meeting so many different and interesting people, and striving to produce to the maximum of genetic potential. I enjoy working for Nuseed because of the team and I love the idea of working for an Australian company with lots of new things coming down the line. After hours I love being a sports trainer and growing anything I can eat.”

Alan Wright

Area Sales Manager, Sth NSW & Nth Vic

Phone: 0407 081 721
[email protected]

“I’ve worked in ag since I was old enough to stand on the seat of the ute and steer it while Dad fed the sheep, and since then I’ve had roles in various parts of the industry. I like ag because of the people, the technological changes, and the challenges of the environment. The best part is simply seeing how rain can change everything, and I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds for the cropping industry. Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my son, as well as sailing, motorbikes and travel.”

Jay Richards

Area Sales Manager, QLD & Nth NSW

Phone: 0437 961 377
[email protected]

“I have worked in ag for 15 years but have been around the industry my whole life, starting with school holiday crop inspections with my agronomist Dad. Working in ag means you’re constantly learning as technology evolves, and you get to build great friendships. The Nuseed team is very motivated and willing to lend a hand, and I’m looking forward to developing my knowledge of the new hybrids coming through. Outside of work I like to potter on my small block and spend time with family, friends and the BBQ.”

Andrew Suverijn

Regional Sales Manager, West

Phone: 0409 484 702
[email protected]

“I’m passionate about working in ag because it is fundamental to all our lives and it connects me with like-minded people from across the industry, while working in wide open spaces. At Nuseed I get to be part of a team that delivers new varieties and technology solutions, working with channel partners, agronomists, consultants and growers. When I’m not talking about seed I love bushwalking, my ‘man cave’ and exploring the Aussie outback with my family.”

Michael Hickey

Area Sales Manager, Northern WA

Phone: 0438 913 106
[email protected]

“I’ve worked in ag for 6 years because I love the challenge and the ability to always be learning. The best part is the people and the relationships you can create, and the flexibility to cover all aspects of the business working on trials, marketing, sales and much more. I’m excited about the future of Nuseed and the potential new markets we’re exploring. Outside of work I like to socialise with good mates, play some sport and spend time with family.”

Andrew Royce

Area Sales Manager, Southern WA

Phone: 0427 466 916
[email protected]

“I’ve chosen to build a career in ag services because food production is the foundation of our society and it’s an honest and down to earth industry. The best part of my job is travelling through diverse landscapes and meeting growers – every year is different and the industry is always changing and adapting. Nuseed’s strength is its people and our team relationships, and we have a bright future ahead. In my spare time you’ll find me on family camping adventures and tackling DIY house projects.”

Steve Fischer

Market Development Manager

Phone: 0427 468 930
[email protected]

“I’ve been with Nuseed for 7 years and believe the best part is working with good people. Having nearly 30 years’ experience in ag, getting to work both indoors and outdoors is a great fit for me. My role at Nuseed is diverse and helps us to provide products and services that enhance our customers’ experience. I’m looking forward to the development of our innovative products such as Omega-3 canola. Outside of work I like to spend time with my family on our small block of land, and cheering them on with weekends full of sport.”

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